Description Edit

Numilnia asks that you talk to his boss, MaccyD who will fill you in on what is going on here.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Numilnia "MaccyD is the leader of my tribe. He sent many of us to find you. You should head to him and I'm sure he will be able to explain everything."

Talking to MaccyD

MaccyD "Hmm... Who are you? Numilnia sent you? You are not the simuloid I told them to find."

"I guess you will have to do."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

The quest log in game (provided below) doesn't fit this quest, it seems to fit better with the next quest in the progression.

Quest Log: MaccyD was happy to see you, and even complemented you. She explained that the programs are here to protect the portal leaving from the 8Squared simulation. He also told you about the bad things happening around here recently and how the port is constantly causing the amounts of data being just too high. MaccyD asked you to head to the port and investigate.

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