Description Edit

!Xabbu explained that the latest traces of [[Orlando lead to the 8Squared simulation. Fredericks is already there. You should head there and meet up with her as soon as possible.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

!Xabbu: "The results are not final but the device managed to point us to the right simulation."

"8Squared. One of the older simulations. I will let Renie know and as far as I know Fredericks is already there. You should go there and meet with her. I'll let her know about you."

"You can get there through the Main Portal in Lambda Mall."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

When you enter the 8Squared simulation you are placed on a mountainside terrace. There is a bridge and stairwell system that will get you across to the Treehouse village where Fredericks awaits you. The quest auto completes when you cross into the village, you can see where Fredericks is by the yellow trophy icon above her head so you can continue with the story.

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