Description Edit

Zerth asked you to collect his research notes and deliver them to the Bug Hunters.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Collect study notes [0/4]
  • Go back to Zerth
  • Find the bug hunters and talk to them

Quest Dialogue Edit

Zerth:"We had *cough* notes in the camp. We were gathering information about the creatures *cough*." " When the camp got attacked *cough* some of the scientists grabbed them [the notes] and started running *cough*. We need to have them and give them tot he scientists at the complex." After finding the study notes:

Zerth: "Thank you *cough*."

"Promise me you'll take the notes to the *cough* research *cough* complex. I'm not going to be able to help you *cough*. I guess this is farewell."

After finding the bug hunters:

Stef Sahar: "We don't have time to talk. Our group got attacked."

"Go there and help them!"

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

When you interact with the research notes on the ground a shader tentacle appears on that same spot, these shaders have a rooting ability that keeps you locked in place when used. So be prepared for a fight when you are collecting the notes.

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