Description Edit

SweetieCheng is worried about some of the weaker simuloids and wants you to help them.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Gather calcifiled SOMA by destroying the Glowing Rocks
  • Tend to the survivors [0/3]
  • Talk to SweetieCheng

Quest Dialogue Edit

SweetieCheng: "Hey! I hope the portal travel wasn't too bad for you."

"Me and the rest started scouting the village and found something strange. It seems that after Limbo collapsed not all of us got transported to the Bad Sector."

"We managed to find the rest of the simuloids that were stuck in Limbo."

"However they will require some assistance before they are back up. We will need to gather as many resources as we can. Orlando used SOMA to fix Limbo. I think doing the same with the simuloids will help."

"I am sure you will find it somewhere in the village. Please gather and use it on the weak simuloids. We will talk after this is done."

Weak Player "Please help me... I wish to be powerful again... Not crippled like this... [Y/N]

Yes: "Please heal me and make me powerful again. I don't want to stay like this forever...

No: "I still don't feel powerful like before! Are you sure you ahve helped me? I need [[Mr. Sellars]]... Sellars, where are you???"


On completion:

SweetieCheng: "Thanks."

Rewards Edit

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