Please use the templates below (where provided) when creating a new article or carrying out a major edit to an existing article. This isn't a way of stifling your creativity...we're trying to maintain a consistent feel throughout the wiki :)

Just copy all the text from the appropriate box, paste it into your article and edit the fields as necessary.

Don't worry if an edit gets messed up, you can just use the browsers back button to abandon it, keep plugging away at it, or start over...and feel free to use the forum if you have any questions or ideas to put forward. If a page gets really messed up and accidentally saved we can easily revert it to the previous version...just remember to tell someone, preferably in the forum.

Editing Notes Edit

  • The title is usually not required in the quest infobox because the title should already be at the top of the article. it is, however, a good idea to add it to the character infobox!
  • Delete sections that are not needed (NOT THE INFOBOX!)
  • The image tag in the infobox does not need any markup - just the filename (e.g. picture.jpg)
  • If you think a template needs to be changed please add a comment to this page so we can all see what's going on and discuss the issue. Changing a template can have a huge effect on a wiki so it's not something to be done on a whim.

Quest Article Template Edit

{{infobox oth-quest
| title         = quest title (usually not required)
| image         = 
| caption       = whoever is in the image (if required)
| start         = who gives the quest
| end           = who you hand the quest in to
| level         = quest level
| location      = quest zone
| rewards       = any rewards for successful completion
| previous      = previous quest on the chain (or none)
| next          = next quest in the chain (or none)

== Description ==

Add Quest Description if needed

== Quick Walkthrough ==

* steps needed to complete the quest
* steps needed to complete the quest

== Quest Dialogue ==

npc chit chat

== Rewards ==

* completion reward
* completion reward

== Additional Information ==

any quest notes

[[Category: insert-location]]
[[category: Quest]]

Character Article Template Edit

{{Infobox oth-character
| title = character name
| image =
| caption = if needed

== Description ==

description of the character and why it's in the game

== Appears in (locations) ==

* location
* location

== Quests ==

* quest name
* quest name

== Gallery ==

<gallery orientation="none">
add image names here (e.g. picture.jpg) - one per line

== Additional Information ==

anything else we need to know

[[category: npc]]

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