Description Edit

Mr. Tim's assistant told you about a small "operation" in Bad Sector and his men were to gather some devices from a hanger there. However he hasn't heard from them in hours. You should see that happened to them.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Timmy: "My guys are working on stea... getting more from the same place and the more people we have the easier it will be."

On completion:

simuloid4207, otherwise known as the Survivor: "Shh... stay quiet... You are the one that Tim sent to help us?"

Rewards Edit

  • 304 exp
  • 52 bits
  • Class appropriate armor - Pants

Additional Information Edit


In the map, the red arrow shows the location of the stairs leading to the lower part of the Bad Sector. The yellow flag shows the location of the Warehouse.

The Corrupted Policemen in the Warehouse respawn quite quickly so you'll probably have to fight them on the way to the Survivor and again on the way back out.

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