Description Edit

Fredericks thinks the barbarian village must be close, follow her to the encampment.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks: "Let's move. I doubt the barbarians you saw moved far from their village."

"One more thing. if they don't find us worthy they might attack us at the gate."

On completion:

Fredericks: "Hmm... We got ignored. That's strange."

"The barbarians seem to be preparing for a fight. We should find out what's happening."

Rewards Edit

  • 420 exp
  • 68 bits
  • Shoes

Additional Information Edit

  • Stick close to Fredericks as she moves through the barbarian village. If you lose her the quest will fail and you'll have to abandon and restart it.
  • After talking to Fredericks, the story moves on to Ospo - he's close to Fredericks and has a yellow quest marker over his head.

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