Description Edit

The Dragon should be here soon and the tribe is ready to start the celebration. Wakumi asked you to inform the villagers to go start the fireworks.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Inform the first villager about the ceremony (Stall Vendor)
  • Inform the second villager about the ceremony (Stall Vendor)
  • Inform the third villager about the ceremony (Stall Vendor)
  • Inform the fourth villager about the ceremony (QiuFeng)
  • Inform the fifth villager about the ceremony (Butcher Yong)
  • Find out what is happening at the festival

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wakumi: "Now that the ambassadors are ready we should proceed with the preparations."

"I think that we will required more assistance."

"Can you head out to the village and gather my people. I'm sure they will be willing to help."

1st villager - Stall Vendor: "Wakumi requires my help? I will be there in a second."

2nd villager - Stall Vendor: "I shouldn't keep Wakumi waiting."

3rd villager - Stall Vendor: Thank you for letting me know. I will be there as soon as possible."

4th villager - QiuFeng: "I will go to Wakumi. Thank you.

5th villager - Butcher Yong: "I was hoping that I will be needed. I will see what Wakumi requires."

Once you've spoken to all five villagers:

Wakumi: "Thank you. Now we will be able to proc... wait do you hear that? What is that..."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

After talking to Wakumi, the quest log entry changes to "Find out what's happening at the festival." Just walk to where the festivities are taking place and you'll be treated to a cut-scene showing the village under attack. When the cut-scene ends, you're ready to talk to Wakumi again to pick up the next quest (Diplomatic Immunity).

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