Description Edit

The crate was empty. The ambassador doesn't want to alarm the village and risk a bigger conflict between the tribes. He asked you to to talk to the villagers, someone must have seen that happened.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to the villagers
  • Talk to the flour merchant
  • Talk to the gamblers
  • Confront Sorenka
  • Retrieve Kurogane's gift

Quest Dialogue Edit

Kurogane: "I think that the easiest and probably the only way of dealing with this will be to talk with the villagers.

"Maybe one of them saw something. please find my gift, without it my village will be shamed forever."

  • Villager: "Are you looking for the metal ambassador's gift?" [Y/N]
    • If yes: "The flour merchant was talking about it. Maybe he will know something."
  • Flour Merchant: "I saw you looking through the metal ambassador's crate. Are you looking for what was in it?" [Y/N]
    • If yes: "I saw one of the gamblers near it, Maybe someone from them knows something."
  • Gamblers (Guard): "I heard you were looking for a thief. I might be able to help. Consider this your lucky day. Sorenka, one of the fishermen here in the village, was taking something out of it. I don't like pointing fingers but that bloke owes me money. I hope he gets what's coming."

You then must attack Sorenka, after killing him and retrieving the gift, return to Kurogane.

Kurogane: "You have it! Amazing! Thank you. It is tempting to ask who had it but I think it will be better if I don't know."

Rewards Edit

  • 192 exp
  • 38 bits
  • Class appropriate Armour - chest

Additional Information Edit

  • The flour merchant is actually labeled as a 'Stall Vendor' in the game.
  • The gamblers won't talk to you but a nearby guard is happy to help.

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