Description Edit

The secret agent wants you to lead her to the White Bishop so she can seduce him. You'll need to avoid any Red Army members though.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mona: "So, the plan is to seduce the White Bishop. The Whities take all of their power from innocence and the Red Bishop plans to take all that away from them. You will need to take me to him and let me use my charm."

"However... it won't be that easy. The Red Army soldiers react very... hmm... alpha when they see me and I can't control myself when I have their attention. Do please keep me away from them."

White Bishop: hello there stranger. I've seen you a lot in our camps recently... Who is this? Is this your friend? Oh... I see she is here to seduce me... Well, I am sorry stranger but this does not work like this."

"Let's see what I can do with her. I am sure she will be more happy on the... lighter side of things.

Rewards Edit

  • 4869 exp
  • 404 bits
  • Armor - Shoulders

Additional Information Edit

It's important to not let Mona get too close to the Red Army soldiers.

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