Description Edit

Mr. Tim is a powerful man in the Bad Sector. He will help you but first he needs you to help him. He wants you to meet with one of the hackers named Plague. He will know how you can be useful.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mr. Tim: "I started working with a man called Plague. He is one of the hackers in the Bad Sector. I have a package for him. take it to him and do what he asks. When you are done I'm sure we will be able to talk about the admins."

On Completion:

The Plague: "So you are the sim? Do you have the package?" [Y]

"This is just what I needed. I guess Tim didn't really explain our operation. Me and the rest of my hackers are going to hack the portals in Lambda Mall. What we want to achieve is unlocking the ID recognition software and allow anyone to get to Lambda Mall.

Rewards Edit

  • 203 exp
  • 44 bits
  • Eye Wear
  • portal key - Bad Sector

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