Description Edit

Head to the Soul Spirit Well and investigate this well.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Head to the Soul Spirit Well
  • Investigate the well

Quest Dialogue Edit

MaccyD "Before you get any ideas. We are not barbarians. Our coding just made us look like this. We understand how the Otherland works and we are here to serve a purpose. Each of us has a certain role but the main reason for our existence is to keep this zone from collapsing due to its crucial location."

"Not far from here. Just following the road down you will find what native programs call the "Soul Spirit Well." It is a data port that allows updates and pieces of code to travel freely between the Otherland network." [Y]

"However there seems to be an issue with it lately. Big portions of code that don't fit anything in the simulation started traveling through it. We cannot interfere with it directly because of our code... As I assume you already understand that's why we need you."

At the Soul Spirit Well

The Ghost "Daddy? Where is my daddy? Please... help me, please!

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

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