Description Edit

Daiki has lost his younger brother. He went somewhere with some of the other kids. The Wood Elemental begged you to find his brother.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Find Naoki, the small wood elemental
  • Kill the foxes attacking Naoki [0/4]
  • Talk to Naoki

Quest Dialogue Edit

Daiki: "How may I help you little one?"

"Itsuki sent you?"

"Is he mad? We really wanted to just go and play for a while but..."

"... uh, my little brother, Naoki. He disappeared. Once second he was here and the other he was gone."

"Please, go find my brother. Bring him back to me and we will go back with you to Itsuki."

After beating off the foxes:

Naoki: "You! You came here to help didn't you?"

Rewards Edit

  • 225 exp
  • 48 bits
  • Class appropriate armor - shirt

Additional Information Edit

  • It will be difficult to interact with Naoki if there are foxes anywhere near him because he has a love of fighting and will rush over to them on sight. You'll probably need to kill more than four foxes in order to get him to stand still long enough to interact with.
  • It is necessary to interact with the small wood elemental more than once in order to pick up the second quest to lead it back to the larger one but, frequently, there's no indication of this - the quest marker moves back to the NPC owning the main quest but you can't communicate with him until you've successfully lead both elementals back.

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