Description Edit

Itsuki has lost his "gifts" to the Celestial Dragon, Please search the village and find them before the ceremony.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the missing wood elemental

Quest Dialogue Edit

Itsuki: "Hello, my name is Itsuki and I am the ambassador of the wood village."

"I am indeed in need of assistance. Let me explain."

"Long ago my people were given seeds by the previous leader of the land. The seeds were planted in our land and grew into enormous trees over the decades."

"Several yeas ago, however, the trees after which we call ourselves wood people began to speak. We started teaching them when we could and it taught us what it knew. Eventually our symbiosis sprouted with two beings."

"I have brought them here to show the Celestial Dragon that the previous leader is still in our memory and we have not forgotten the wonders he gave us."

"As you might have probably guess by now, the beings are still children at heart and often act like them. I was keeping a close eye on them but the tasks I needed to complete has given them time to escape my sight."

"I am aware that this task might be easy in your eyes but it would mean a lot to both me and the wood people. Will you be able to help me?"

On completion:

Daiki: "Hello little creature. Do I know you?"

Rewards Edit

Additional InformationEdit

  • It is necessary to interact with the wood elemental more than once in order to pick up the second quest to find it's brother but, frequently, there's no indication of this - the quest marker moves back to the NPC owning the main quest but you can't communicate with him until you've successfully lead both elementals back.

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