Description Edit

The survivor told you about a powerful healing plant that grows in this valley. He wants you to collect it for him and heal his wounds.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the zone the survivor mentioned
  • Gather the healing herbs [0/3]
  • Kill the guardian

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red Soldier "This camp is... was crucial to the red army *cough*. There is a very rare breed of flower growing in the area. Our healers use them to create the strongest healing mixtures and pack *cough*. If you could find one. I am sure that it would be enough to get me on my feet again." [Y]

"Please *cough* hurry.

On completion

Red Soldier "You... *cough* You made it?" [Y]

"Oh gods... Please, please give it to me!"

Rewards Edit

  • 1689 exp
  • 111 bits
  • Mouth Mask

the Guardian

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