Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Gather the Warriors

Quest Dialogue Edit

Shaman: "We no have time. You be useful, you go gather warriors to go for Queen."

"What you wait for? Queen escape if we wait!"

On completion:

River Boggart: "All village warriors ready. We almost ready."

Rewards Edit

  • 300 exp
  • 56 bits
  • Armor (head)

Additional Information Edit

The three warriors you need to 'gather' are Xetego, Itego and Potego. Each of them will expect you to complete a mini quest before they agree to help. Their location is marked on the map though the quest compass doesn't point you in the direction of any of them, they are all within the Boggart camp.

It's a Trap - Xetego

Fight them ! - Itego

Where did I leave it? - Potego

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