Description Edit

The female punk in Lambda Mall asked you to bring him a halloween token.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Gain a halloween token

Quest Dialogue Edit

Kerri "Greetings hero! Are you here to celebrate halloween with us? I have a set of costumes that might help you enjoy this time of the year even more. In order for you to get them you will first need to bring me a token. You will gain it by completing tasks to slay the leaders of the halloween invasions in 8Squared, Bad Sector, and Bug World."

Rewards Edit

  • 17 exp
  • One piece of Halloween costume set

Additional Information Edit

There are seven pieces in each Halloween set. You turn in a token that you get from Lambda Mall halloween invasion, 8Squared halloween invasion, or Bug World halloween invasion. You can turn in as many as you want, though you can only gain three tokens a day.

Sometimes it was noted that token would disappear, so it may be wise to turn them in as you get them, as opposed to saving the tokens up and getting them all at once.

You can only collect one piece at a time, you need to take the quest each time you want to spend a coin.

The dialogue incorrectly states a boss is in the Bad Sector. This refers to the boss in the pocket Lambda Mall Halloween simulation.

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