Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

White Bishop "Please friend, talk to the Red Bishop.

"I am sure he will explain his point of view to you."

Red Bishop: "Phah! The White Bishop is lying again. I do not know how you can even consider his words as true!"

"Our King was assassinated by the White Army! We know that it is true because we found a White Knight weapon! We do not care about their explanations. The Queen demands blood and that's what she will get."

White Bishop: There is no easy way to say it. Someone assassinated the kings. The Red Army, of course, blames us for doing this and they do not accept the idea of someone else causing issues in the land. We wanted to try to search for the assassin but it's not possible without the Red Army assistance."

"But, as you can see, there is no talking to the Red Army. You've spent a lot of time in the White Army. You saw that we want to bring balance to this simulation."

"You have proven to be somewhere between both armies in this world and we need that right now. I can only offer you a standing in our army till you manage to explain the entire situation. Please, don't leave us to fight a war that won't end good for anyone."

Time Lord: "Well now we both know more. Now there is only one thing that we can do."

"Since you are now part of the White Army the code should update with that information."

Rewards Edit

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