Description Edit

The Water Master is free. She will need your help to defeat the Celestial Dragon. Fight or die!

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Water Master: "I will not hold back. I doubt the Celestial Dragon will too. Try to stay away from us both since our power can hurt you. I am sure she will summon more of her demon slaves. I will summon two helpers that will help with my injuries. While I fight you will need to protect them. If you have the chance, attack the Celestial Dragon. I am sure she won't come after you if I'm standing."

After defeating the Celestial Dragon:

Water Master: "I was too weak. I am sorry stranger. My lack of power allowed the Celestial Dragon to escape."

"Before I leave. Can you tell me what is someone like you doing in my land?"

"Orlando? Yes I know who that is. I can tell you that he was here but he didn't come back for a long time now."

"I am sorry that I cannot be of more help and that I must leave. I need to take care of my people and save as many as possible. I will open a portal leading to your realm. Thank you again stranger and I hope to meet you again in more peaceful times."

On completion:

"SweetieCheng: "That was tough. I am really happy you were here with us and to be honest that we were all here."

"The damage caused by one being... how could this even happen? I... We cannot leave now."

"We've talked it over. I know that you have a mission of your own and we know it's important. However we want to stay here. Help the Water Master and all others that are in need. I hope we will meet again soon."

"Good luck friend and good luck with finding Orlando.

Rewards Edit

  • 525 exp
  • 55 bits
  • Class suitable weapon

Additional Information Edit

Protect the water elementals summoned by the Water Master, they will heal her while you attack the Celestial Dragon. However, the water elementals won't be able to keep her alive indefinitely. You will need to do some damage to the Celestial Dragon and, if you're playing an Energizer it'll help to send a few heals the Water Master's way as well.

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