Description Edit

Hann asked you to help him gather wool from his sheep.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Collect wool [0/5]
  • Collect sheep wool [0/5]

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hann the Shepherd "So you are here to collect wool for the king." [Y]

"Let it be then!"

On completion

"That's a good, good job... I do wish we could chat longer, but... Oh well, bye."

"What you need anything else... Go away!"

Rewards Edit

  • 922 exp
  • 100 bits
  • shirt

Additional Information Edit

This is one of three side quests that is obtained during and necessary to complete Collect everything. It cannot be obtained otherwise.

Quest log incorrectly calls the lumberjack 'Syergiey' instead of Hann.

You must collect wool from the sheep, but you cannot collect from the three in front of Hann. The sheep you can collect from have the blue particle effect, some are moving and hard to collect from, while others are stationary and easier. When you collect the wool you complete both objectives, it's probably an oversight that there are two objectives for this quest.


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